INTRODUCTION AUX ONDES COURTES, un site historique maintenu par Michel Baron (Canada)

French home page, contributors, credits.
SW listeners or DXers (DXistes in French!) explain how and why they became addicts of this hobby.
SW broadcasting stations categories and their goals.
SW propagation principles explained.
SW receivers classes: which one is right for you ?
Installing optional external antennas.
Fortunately, you don't need to read French to benefit from the main tips sections of this site (hereafter highlighted in yellow). However, the topics of this first section, left, are beginner oriented. Please, hover your cursor on the blue bars to get a brief English content summary, or continue to click them if you want to read further, in French.
Up to date tips, schedules, frequencies and related information.
This could have been, for sure, your preferred part of this site a few years ago : « LISTEN, the world is speaking to you! » We do not provide schedules, and suggest visiting the links page on Jean-Michel Aubier's site.
A huge list of SW broadcasters Web sites.
Another huge list of SWBC e-mail addresses.
Should you need this huge SWBC snail mail addresses list...
   You'll find here all the addresses you need : SWBC Web sites and their URLs, e-mail addresses and even postal addresses. They could be the most complete lists of this kind on the Web.
Reference books about SW Broadcasting.
A SW links page, including mandatory English resources.
Some useful publications for beginners or advanced SWL. Our links page shows the most interesting French language links about SW, but you will find there all mandatory English Web reference about SW and SWBC.
Legacy photos of some members of the former COCQ (Club d'Ondes Courtes du Québec)
A few front covers of L'ONDE and an ordered index of almost 2000 published topics!
These two dark blue bars are intended mainly to former COCQ members. Upper bar : a seven page series of photo souvenir retrospect. Bottom bar : here you can browse through a list of nearly 2000 articles published through the 20 year life of L'ONDE. A useful index to pinpoint and retrieve subjects by volume numbers and pages!
Christian Ghibaudo's pennants collection
Christian Ghibaudo's pennants collection: more than 250, some are true museum pieces!

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